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High blood pressure How did it happen?

In the examination and treatment it has been detected. High blood pressure type of unknown cause which is believed to be caused by many factors together. The important part that causes this disease is the influence of enzymes. Which is a chemical that acts as

What causes constipation?

Constipation usually occurs when waste in the digestive system moves too slowly. or unable to completely excrete. Causes digested food to remain in the intestines for too long. Resulting in bloating, little stool, hard and dry stool, difficult to excrete, requiring a lot of force

True or not? menstrual woman Do not drink cold water?

During her menstrual cycle. Therefore, it is the source of the advice that menstruating woman Do not drink cold water. Don’t eat ice cream. or even prohibiting cold showers. Because while our body is weak, suddenly we make our body temperature cooler than normal. When

Dangers from using a smartphone in the dark.

Whether it’s childhood, working age or even the elderly. Now it cannot be denied that many people probably have at least one smartphone each, or someone may have a tablet or notebook computer. But the symptoms of addiction to the online world health. It makes