Basic prevention and self-care. Low back pain, acute waist pain.

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Basic prevention and self-care. Low back pain, acute waist pain.

This article will share experiences of injuries, back pain, acute waist pain, causes, and basic self-treatment to recover quickly. Not very painful, taking medicine, moving, moving, sleeping, preparing. Important medicines to keep at home as well as protection. Don’t cause this kind of injury. and how to observe the omen. That will cause this kind of illness to prepare not to suffer too much pain

The author had an injury, acute lumbar back pain, 2 times, each time more than 10 years apart, but I remember well. The symptoms and severity were similar. The first time was quite heavy. Because there is no knowledge, but the second time is not very heavy because there is information about taking care of yourself. to study and follow This makes it possible to take care of yourself in the initial stages in a timely manner, without pain and suffering as much as the first time at UFABET.

Cause of back pain acute lumbar pain

Lumbar pain, acute back pain, can cause by many reasons, such as
1. Walking, moving in the wrong position, even if it is moving slowly, so be careful in this matter. Especially those who are already old

2. Stretching, reaching, bending over to pick up objects, lift heavy objects must done correctly. For precaution, such as using crouching and picking up things instead of bending over to pick up or walk to pick up nearby Instead of reaching for it
3. Other illnesses, severe coughing and sneezing, so if you’re about to cough or sneeze that is quite severe Use your hands to support your knees, or lean, hold, hold on to the walls, objects around you. Have a firm grip and then cough or sneeze as hard as you want.

personal experience Acute lumbar pain 2 times

For a personal experience that has been born 2 times, about 10 years apart, despite exercising often. until you think your body is strong Unlikely to get sick easily But in fact, it may not be as you think. The first time the author was Cause by moving in the wrong position, at the wrong time. There is a loud crunch (like the sound of a finger snapping) in the waist area. As for the second birth. It will be reaching out to pick up objects that are too far away, and there will be a similar crunching sound.

the same remarks Then, about 30 minutes later, I began to feel a dull pain in my lower back. and have muscle contractions when moving in the wrong position which will hurt a lot barely able to move The pain will come up immediately. tendon-like pain muscles pulled together cramp-like This symptom is potentially dangerous. because while the muscles are corset not only very painful But self-control will be difficult, may fall head on the floor, depending on the intensity of the muscles in the waist area. tight stomach area.

and about 1 hour later It started to have the same symptoms. The body was split into two parts, the upper part from the waist to the head. From the waist down to the feet It’s impossible to control. Moving your legs can be very painful if you move them in the wrong position. because of muscle corset who has had cramps The symptoms will be similar. This is the most painful time to walk, sit, stand, lie down, smile, etc. Every position is painful.