Collection of items that “Jung Kook of BTS”, the man

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Collection of items that “Jung Kook of BTS”, the man who influences the product brand, can sell well without intention.

Jungkook (Jeon Jung-kook) is a member of BTS from South Korea. One of the most influential people in the brand. No matter what you grab. Those types of products tend to sell like hot cakes.

Jungkook (Jeon Jung-kook) is a K-pop artist, a member of BTS in South Korea. One person who is very popular With a huge fan base from more than 50 million followers on his Instragram (currently closed), including the total number of followers UFABET of BTS with more than 70 million people worldwide. With all this amount, it can guarantee the popularity of the BTS group, including Jungkook himself as well.

In addition to the popularity of BTS.

Who have achieved many successes in the music industry that always make people happy. This success has resulted in BTS becoming a group that has a full influence on the advertising business. By endorsing famous products such as Hyundai, Samsung, FILA and many more, they become another interesting marketing strategy. Brands and products Willing to pay huge amounts of money for them to become a presenter for their own products

If talking about BTS’s most influential person right now, it’s inevitable that “Jeon Jungkook BTS”, the man who was once ranked the most influential person on a brand by The Economic Times Brand Equity, was in Joined the ranks with Elon Musk, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Jeff Bezos.

BTS’s Jungkook is another artist who no matter what he grabs for everyone to see. People went to buy that thing until the product was in short supply again and again. Fans call this trend the Jung Kook Effect, and recently, he drew the trend again by wearing Tuewid (South Korea’s most popular street fashion brand) Rope Silver Chain Necklace for fans. The club was seen at Incheon Airport before going on tour in Los Angeles. USA on April 8, 2023. This necklace, sold on the website, priced at 76,000 won or 1,985 baht, has been sold out. Until the website has to come out and announce Sold out and have to wait to announce the sale of products again indefinitely on April 17, 2023.

8 Goods That BTS’ Jungkook Inadvertently Helps Sell Until causing the need to restock

  • Rope Silver Chain Necklace, Tuewid brand
  • Fabric softener Downy brand
  • Literary book “I Decided To Live As Me”
  • T-shirt brand FILA
  • Diamond Layla shirt
  • Contemporary hanbok from Zijangsa brand
  • WANGTA toothbrush, Dr. Baek brand
  • Umani Ronchi Vigor Sangiovese Merlot March Wine

With the influence of Jungkook BTS, all of the above-mentioned products are become known and is a popular product has an increasing customer base both domestically and internationally and abroad Considered influenced by artists Or who is famous today is extremely important. Because these people can make the product become known, accepted and add value to that product as well. With this celebrity marketing strategy long time ago. But what is interesting is that each product brand will be willing to invest more or less in their own pockets to invest in these brand ambassadors. and how appropriate If there is enough capital The results you get back are worth it. And it’s an aggressive marketing plan that’s quite interesting.