Dangers from using a smartphone in the dark.

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Whether it’s childhood, working age or even the elderly. Now it cannot be denied that many people probably have at least one smartphone each, or someone may have a tablet or notebook computer. But the symptoms of addiction to the online world health. It makes us use smartphones not just to talk through audio anymore.

When we have to type, we have to stare and scroll through images all the time. Even before sleeping in bed Make the image of playing with a cell phone in the bedroom a familiar image. But if we are so lazy that we turn off the lights and still lie down and play with our mobile phones for a while longer, what effects will this have on our health and our eyes? UFABET 

Dangers from using a mobile phone in the dark for a long time

1. Risk of eye irritation, dry eyes, and watery eyes.

2. Eye socket pain, headache

3. Unclear, blurred or nearsightedness rapidly increases.

4. There is a chance of having glaucoma.

5. The optic nerve is damaged. Until the vision becomes more blurry

6. There may also be a risk of blindness. (but not eye cancer)

How to avoid the dangers of using your smartphone in the dark?

1. Get enough sleep for 6-8 hours.

2. Drink water often to add moisture to your eyes. Or if anyone has very dry eyes or wearing contact lenses Artificial tears should be used when dry eyes are present.

3. The lights in the room should be turned on to have sufficient brightness.

4. You should not lie on your back and play with your smartphone. Because the screen will not receive light from the lamp on the ceiling. Even sleeping on your side can cause your eyes to focus harder on the screen than normal.

5. You should not stare at the phone screen for too long. You should give your eyes a rest every 20-30 minutes.