High blood pressure How did it happen?

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In the examination and treatment it has been detected. High blood pressure type of unknown cause which is believed to be caused by many factors together. The important part that causes this disease is the influence of enzymes. Which is a chemical that acts as a catalyst for various chemical reactions. They are called renin and Angiotensin from the kidneys. Both of these substances work together with the adrenal glands and pituitary gland to control water, sodium mineral salt and constriction of blood vessels in the entire body. That is the control of blood pressure called the Renin-Angiotensin system process.

In addition to abnormalities from the aforementioned work process. There are also mechanisms that contribute to the development as follows:UFABET 

  • Genetics , is increasingly being detected in families with a history of the disease.
  • Race , with people with this disease being detected in people of black American ethnicity.
  • eating salty food It may cause high blood pressure. This is because salt, sodium, or sea salt acts as a carrier for water in the blood. It will increase the volume of blood circulating. Therefore, it may result in increased blood pressure.
  • Abnormalities of work processes in the body that affect the balance and function of mineral salts as well as calcium in the body.