What to prepare for in the event move have pain

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What to prepare for in the event of an unexpected move and have pain.

from personal experience alone sickness like this It was a very painful thing. because like someone who can’t help himself And the others couldn’t help it. So if you find yourself moving at the wrong time Causing a painful sensation around the lumbar region There was a loud sound of crunching bones! (Similar to the sound of snapping fingers) Please prepare as follows UFABET:
1. Various painkillers. The recommended muscle relaxant to buy at home is ibuprofen in case of injury and severe pain.

2. Foods that are easy to eat such as bread, taking painkillers must be taken immediately after meals Because medicine affects stomach because of food.
3. Prepare in beverages. Appliances that are easy to pick up Do not have a lot of weight Lifting heavy objects will require abdominal and waist muscles, which are having problems. When exerting, it causes the muscles to contract. 4. Prepare a bed that is easy
to get up, the best is to lie flat on the floor. Lying on the mattress, on the bed, if the symptoms are severe May not get up at all in case of severe pain, light pain will be difficult. Which other people will not be able to help. because only we ourselves move muscles are constricted cause a lot of pain Someone else came to help lift him up. 5. Prepare ice to compress your back, buttocks, you can use the whole bag ,
it’s easy. Drill a hole in the middle to drain water.

What to do immediately when you find out. That you have acute back pain.

Method as mentioned below. It’s a personal experience. After the second birth, it can be dealt with quickly, just one day is enough to lead a normal life. But that first time I don’t know how to take care of myself, so it’s very difficult. I walk crooked like an old man but much uglier. Because I have to walk at an incline like a person. Sometimes I have to use my hands to bend my knees to help drag my legs forward. My legs are not strong, so to prevent too much pain. can move easily.

Recommend as follows

1. When it is found that the onset of acute pain is certain Eat something to support your stomach. Then take painkillers immediately. If it hurts a lot, you need to use more powerful drugs like Ibuprofen.
2. Find ice to compress the waist for the first 1-3 days to prevent further inflammation of the muscles. To bring a cloth to wrap around the waist first. and then use ice to compress This will help prevent water from dripping down below.
3. See how severe the pain is. Especially the movement, how difficult it is to move, how easy it is. If you move just a little bit, it hurts a lot. don’t sleep on the bed If the symptoms are severe, do not lie on your back, you may not be able to get up. because just move The muscles will tighten, causing so much pain that you can’t move, and you’ll be so tired that you can’t get up. Focus on lying on your stomach on the floor. It’s easier to crawl into the bathroom or crawl to pick up things. if lying in bed It’s not so easy to get out of bed, especially when lying on your back. than turning over Than to get out of bed Just thinking about it is torture.
4. Sitting on a chair. must try to stand straight But if there is severe pain when moving, the abdominal muscles There is a lot of compression must hold on well Focus on using your hands to hold it firmly. before moving Because there may be a fall from the chair. head can hit the floor
5. Learn how to take care of yourself in the basics, which many experts, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists have made educational videos.

posture control movement to reduce pain

When acute pain occurs in the back or lumbar area, it becomes almost impossible to control the body, like lowering the waist down. with upper torso not homogeneous Legs almost do not have the strength to move. and the movement moves in the wrong position. 

It will cause a lot of pain. because of muscle corset From direct experience, I recommend the following

1. Must take painkillers. and ice packs In order to prevent too much pain, if you don’t eat, I can only say that it’s very painful, very painful when the abdominal muscles are tightened
. Must use a handle to hold. Stable things around Focus on using your hands as a retainer. Do not let the organs from the waist down move as this may cause the muscles to corset. will cause a lot of pain
3. Moving, will stand up if there is nothing to hold on to. To hold the knees firmly and move, stand, walk, the author is so badly hurt that sometimes he can’t control his legs to walk. Have to use your hands to help hold your knees and lift your feet to the desired direction. And it will be very painful if the posture is wrong because the muscles will be
constricted. It is recommended to use the knee grip firmly before getting up and moving
And cause a lot of pain when moving, lying down, lying on the floor, lying on the stomach when moving anywhere is easier than crawling straight away
picking up things Use squats, straight up and down, and remember to hold on firmly. for abdominal muscles waist work minimal Will not cause the muscles to contract. until a lot of pain