Arteta named September Manager

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Arteta named September Manager of the Month.

After leading Arsenal to a remarkable performance last month. Mikel Arteta was crowned Premier League Manager. Of the Month for September.

The Spanish Grandmaster took. The Gunners have won three straight games throughout September. After starting the new season with three defeats in a row. Before that By jumping from the relegation zone area to hold a position in the middle of the table successfully

After losing their first three games to Brentford, Chelsea and Manchester City, Arteta turned the tide with a 1-0 win over Norwich City to beat Burns. Rowley 0-1 and open home defeat Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 in the London derby. at the end of last month

This is the first time the 39-year-old has won the Manager of the Month award. Since being appointed as Arsenal’s head coach in December 2019

“Another thing that I’m impressed with is the team. Their body language shows determination. enthusiasm ambition It’s different from last month. To be honest, I’m so excited after the kids that I can’t keep my emotions in check.”

“However Sometimes it’s also very difficult to beat. Your opponent beautifully. Especially when we are a big team. The more people expected something more than usual. Sometimes we didn’t do anything bad. but still got scolded. I want everyone to try and practice how to deal with these pressures as well. because the road is still long.”