Isaac reveals what he thinks about Arsenal

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Isaac reveals what he thinks about Arsenal transfer rumors at the end of the season.

Real Sociedad star Aleksandr Isak has been interview in person. After falling into heavy rumors that he is preparing to move to Arsenal after the end of this season.

“I mean, we have to understand each other first. I’m not going to talk about any other clubs. because it expresses unprofessionalism It also disrespects the club and the fans,” the 22-year-old told UFABET

“Currently, I have a contract and a footballer for Real Sociedad. I work to support my family at this club. And this is my team. proud team So I will only focus on hard work and results while on the track.”

“It’s important that every time I give an interview, I always say, The matter of the contract or the purchase – sale of the transfer team, we already have someone else to work for. Which is not about footballers at all.”

“And if asked how long I will stay with Sociedad I must confess honestly that I don’t know either. No one in this world knows the future in advance.”

“There’s one classic phrase that people often pick up on. You never know what will happen in the world of football. which is true But the important thing is that I am still with Sociedad, living happily. Play soccer with fun every day. There is nothing more than that.”