Jota expresses feelings after playing

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Jota expresses feelings after playing for Liverpool among fans at Anfield

Claudio Gosho’s striker of Liverpool ‘s top clubs. Battle in the Premier League. That was played in front of the fans. More than 5 thousand people at Anfield that made him feel like. He was playing for a different team from last season. Then, according to reports from the Liverpool Echo

Portugal national team striker moved from Wolverhampton Last season for a fee of 40 million pounds and an impressive performance with 13 goals in 30 appearances, however, he missed the opportunity to play in games that were open to some fans. As for and finally, with Crystal Palace, where the fans came to watch the stadium full due to injuries.

Jota admits playing at Anfield this season has felt a big difference. Like he was playing for different teams, unlike last season, he was mostly playing in closed stadiums with no fans.

“I remember playing at Anfield how difficult it was for the away players. Then last year I wasn’t playing as much at Anfield. When the fans were allowed to watch the game as full as. I have been doing this season.

“It almost felt like I was playing for a different club from last season. because we didn’t get the cheers from the fans at all Which makes me believe that the fans are very important to us,” Jota said.