Liverpool have signed a 17-year-old

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Liverpool have signed a 17-year-old youngster to sign his first professional contract.

The club Liverpool team battle in the Premier League. Manager delivers professional contract first youngster Kyle’s Gordon. After the person concerned has been given the opportunity to pitch for the team. Already this season, according to the Liverpool Echo.

The rising star turned 17 on Tuesday. Which meets the criteria to be able to sign a professional. Contract with the club and the Reds. Do not wait to catch referred to the pen. At Anfield as a professional player for the first time in his life.

Gordon joined from Derby County in February and his fee will increase to £3m. Under the terms of his contract. And starting with the team. Of at least 18 years old in the beginning. Before showing impressive results. That led to being pulled up to play in Barry Lewtas’s team of at least 23 years old.

During pre-season. The 17-year-old right winger and a group of players from the Academy. The opportunity to train with the first team until Jurgen Klopp’s eyes caught him. So he was given the opportunity. He also played in a friendly win over Osasuna and a 4-3 defeat at Hertha Berlin.

Gordon made his senior debut for the Reds. For the first time last month in their Carabao Cup win over Norwich City. Making him the youngest ever player to be the Reds. 5th place in the history of the club that has played in the first team