Manchester United to bring in Major

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Manchester United to bring in Major League Soccer coach Ralph Rangnick.

Manchester United team battle in the Premier League went prepared. Approached Alburquerque hard Stuber head coach of the New York Red Bulls took. The position of assistant Ralph rang Nick the new manager of them. According to a report from the Daily Mail

After Michael Carrick announced. His retirement following Thursday’s 3-2 win over Arsenal. The Red Devils had to look for a replacement. Help the new manager to help with the rest of the season.

The report said Gerhard Stuber. Who is now managing the New York Red Bulls in Major League Soccer in the United States. Was approached a few days ago. And expect to have to pay a large amount to break the remaining two years of the original contract as well.

The 44-year-old became an option in the position since he worked with Rangnick during his time at Red Bull Salzburg in the Austrian league. At that time, he took on the role of youth coach. While the big boss, the Red Devils sit on the podium of the club’s director. He is currently recognized as one of the new. Trainers with outstanding skills in Europe.

The Austrian head coach has also worked in England helping Barnesley survive in The Championship in 2019 has also arrived.