McGinn is annoyed that ‘McTominay’ had a beautiful free-kick

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John McGinn, Scottish midfielder Expressed frustration that Scott McTominay ‘s beautiful free-kick goal was confiscated by the referee in the Euro qualifying game, losing 2-0 to Spain on Thursday night.

The problem occurred in the 60th minute, while still scoreless, “Whiskey” received a free kick at the end of the back line. McTominay was responsible for spinning a sharp curve into the far post.

The Manchester United midfielder ran to celebrate the goal with his team-mates with full of passion, however, VAR told Hungarian Serdar Gobusyuk to walk to the pitchside screen and watch. Then he blew and took back the door.

The screen in the stadium initially stated the reason was because Jack Hendry of the Scottish side committed a foul on Unai Simon Goal, the “Fierce Bull”, but after that UEFA informed ESPN, the sports media, that the reason was “hey  . Ndri is ahead of

former Scottish football guru Michael Stewart. It was pointed out that the referee made a mistake. Because Hendry was not involved in the play. Which McGinn saw similarly in an interview at Estadio La Cartuja: “I have to be careful with my words.

” The Aston Villa player began speaking after his national team. Must continue to wait for guaranteed entry into the Euro final round. ทางเข้า

“Everyone who watched the game could see that Scotland never had the benefit of a 50/50 chance and it made it very difficult to play against a world-class team.

” which makes me irritated Because it means that he himself is unclear. “

The Spanish goalkeeper had no chance of saving McTominay’s incredible shot, and no goalkeeper in the world could protect it.” “However

. The referee said a foul had been committed. And when I realized that I didn’t have that kind of rhythm. He changed to being caught offside, Hendry’s legs were actually in an offside position. But the referee made a very cruel decision.”