Nicky Butt accepts Manchester United

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Nicky Butt accepts Manchester United academy doesn’t work because he misunderstands that every kid wants to play with the team.

Nicky Butt, former coach of Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League Openly admit that the youth team of the Red Devils have standards behind other leading clubs. Based on their own erroneous notion,

Butt was involved in the productivity of youngsters Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood, who have been in the first team this time after his retirement. Before retiring as head of youth team development in March, he said he wanted to seek a new challenge.

“We’re behind,” Butt told The Athletic. “Ed Woodward, the board and the owners didn’t realize we needed a huge infusion to keep up with other clubs.”

“United have bought some of Europe’s top youngsters, a player like Hannibal (Majbri) or a very good full-back from Spain, you can see other teams looking at us like ‘Man United. back then, ‘

‘ we’ve been stuck with the attitude that every child wants to play for Manchester United, we do not have to try too much. But we must try as well. There are clubs as big as ours where they are ready to compete for those players. I was aware of it and was able to change it in

time. You can’t just trust local players.”