Northern Ireland coach reveals Klopp

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Northern Ireland coach reveals Klopp is set to push Liverpool’s new right-back into midfield

Ian Balaclava, national team manager northern ireland Reveal yourself whether Bayer Jurgen Klopp coach Liverpool plans to push back at the starlet Conor Bradley to play in the midfield.

“It’s all a plan that Jurgen Klopp has put in place and I wholeheartedly agree. For various reasons I am not in a position to deny his great ideas,” the set-piece boss told Belfast Live.

“He assured me that Conor Bradley would be fit to move into midfield instead of right-back as he got older. That’s not uncommon considering the features it offers.”

“Bradley’s style of play is either at right-back or wing-back who is more focused on attacking than defending. Just moving a little higher is not something that is too difficult to adjust at all.”

“I know that this kid has a high understanding of football. They also know the role of various positions throughout the field as well. It’s a special skill that has been with Bradley since birth.”

“And for the national team game that is waiting for us during this break. I confirm that I will give Bradley the opportunity to participate, of course. He is a youngster that I want to push forward and achieve even more.”

“He works hard to increase his chances as well. Because I can feel many differences from the previous month, including the height increase by several centimeters. a stronger body than before Confidence and positivity in the team of teammates is already mature. Really impressive.”