Owen predicts + scores in last Premier League game: Arsenal vs Everton

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Owen predicts + scores in last Premier League game: Arsenal vs Everton

British legend Michael Owen Predict the results of the Premier League games England’s final match between Arsenal vs Everton, ready to put the score to win a little bit.

“Honestly, I can’t believe Arsenal’s performance in the last few weeks has been at sea like this. And it made the 4th place almost certain, becoming having to borrow someone else’s nose to breathe. If it doesn’t work, it’s out of the TOP 4, really disappointing,” Owen told UFABET.

“The more I think about the performance in the defeat against Newcastle. The more I feel pain for the fans of the Gunners. It was the most shocking thing. They act like people who are desperate to die, exhausted, have no dreams, have nothing else to do in their lives. On the contrary, Eddie Howe’s kids would be a good match for the TOP 4 instead.”

“As for Everton, I have to commend him for bringing out such a phenomenal form on Thursday night. Because that turn of hell helped the team miraculously survive relegation. It will be a night that fans at Goodison Park will remember for a long, long time.”

“I am happy to see the players, the coaches, the fans uniting and helping to create an incredible atmosphere. Which is what people say The charm of football

“Ultimately, I believe Arsenal and Everton will be fighting each other for 90 minutes. But with the hosts still vying for the TOP 4. They will definitely have a bit of a better momentum.