Park Ji Sung Won, Man U fans

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Park Ji Sung Won, Man U fans, better stop singing cheering for yourself.

Park Ji Sung has asked Manchester United fans to stop singing about him because of a line that says South Koreans eat dog meat. which seems too stereotypical

The former midfielder has always been a fan favorite during his seven years at Old Trafford and in fact Park’s cheering song was still sung even after he left the club. It’s been almost a decade,

however, as he believes the fans probably won’t. But he sincerely hoped that the song would be discontinued after he heard it last time. Wolverhampton Wanderers made the debut of Hwang Hee-chan ahead of the home side of United’s visit last month.

“I’m really sorry. That he had to hear something like that,” Park told the club’s podcast.

“I know the United fans didn’t mean him for that song. But I still have to tell the fans the facts and hope they stop singing that word. Nowadays, it’s a racial insult to Koreans.

“This word makes Koreans feel very uncomfortable. And I’m really sorry. To the younger players who heard such songs,

“Things have changed a lot. They really hate it. The culture has changed.”