Rodri on Fabinho’s blocked shot

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Rodri on Fabinho’s blocked shot at the end of Man City’s match against Liverpool

Rodrigo Reed midfielder who finished from Manchester City to open a fearless shot that rocketed into the air to block the shot leveled the Farmington airport quite late on in the game away to Liverpool and would help tie the score at 2-2. sunday night

“Sometimes you need to do something in a split second to prevent a team from conceding a goal. The same goes for the attackers who have to do whatever it takes to pass the ball over the line as quickly as possible, even without having to cock the shot. This time it was me who managed to grab a very close second,” Rodri told Sky Sports.

“There is nothing more in my head than helping the team not to concede goals. That moment happened very quickly. It’s the biggest turning point in the final game that can be decided.”

“Over the second half Man City may have looked a little behind Liverpool because they had to score twice. So I’m very happy with Fabinho’s shot blocking shot because otherwise we would have left Anfield in defeat.

“If you look at it from the point of view that a 2-2 draw with rivals Liverpool is very acceptable, so I’d rather be more positive. Especially the strong mentality and outstanding character that everyone has shown in this game.”