Tomiyasu reveals the reason

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Tomiyasu reveals the reason why he moved to Arsenal without hesitation.

Japan defender Takeiro Tomiyasu admits he views Arsenal as “one of the greatest clubs in the world”, a key reason for his refusal to join the club last summer. Report from UFABET

The Gunners Managed to grab the 22-year-old defensive line from Bologna with a fee of approximately 16 million pounds and the News is one of the teams that can collect all victories in the Premier League in the last 3 matches.

Tomiyasu has discussed why he decided to move to the Emirates Stadium in his matchday book ahead of Arsenal’s home win over Tottenham Hotspur. The London derby went 3-1 on Sunday that

“For me, Arsenal is one of the greatest clubs in the world. So there was no reason to reject them. It was very easy when I received the offer. I would like to be part of Arsenal.”

“I want to play at a higher level. So I’m so grateful for the opportunity Arsenal has given me, which I could hardly believe. I was excited almost as soon as I found out. I don’t need to call anyone or ask anyone for advice. It was an easy choice for me because this is Arsenal.”

“I hardly had time to talk to the manager before signing. And I don’t need to do that. I would like to move here,” Tomiyasu said.