Tuchel urges Premier League to resume 5-man

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Tuchel urges Premier League to resume 5-man substitution rules amid coronavirus epidemic again.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel speaks ahead of his clash with Aston Villa in the Premier League on Boxing Day amid the coronavirus pandemic. continually attacking England

“Lions Navy Blue” is one of the teams that have problems with infection of many players however there are also injur players, including Andres Christensen and Hakim Ziyech. Who are waiting to check their readiness first. this game too But still not as worried as the Covid-19 epidemic situation.

“We are concern about the situation. Because it’s not just about the game. It’s not about the players. The coach of the team But it’s about all the people around us. Which may be infect at all it’s a feeling of worry. Afraid of situations in which there is no certainty Although we have the privilege of doing the work that we love. But we have to admit that the situation happen. It was something that happened very quickly.”

“At the time of the game against Wolves. Our team infected 7 people in three days. At that time I was worry that it would become a pandemic within the team. We need time to deal with what’s going on to a report from UFABET. We have to live with it and make everything as good as possible. This time I want the team to be able to switch five players per game. We are trying to push that. As it happened during the early resumption of the previous outbreak. and in this current situation It was a difficult situation for every player. So I think five substitutions should help us.”

Chelsea are currently third in the table, six points behind leaders Manchester City after 18 games