What happened to Brentford? From Victory over Arsenal

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What happen to Brentford? From Victory over Arsenal to struggling to escape relegation

In the first few months of the season No one was to mention rookie team. Brentford following their win over Arsenal in their opening game of the season. This was followed by their performances against. Wolves and West Ham indicating they have the quality to be a Premier League team and not just a visiting team.

Although they lost 1-0 to Chelsea on October 16, they received enormous acclaim thanks to Thomas Tuchel’s side, who at the time were top of the table. With only five shots, while Brentford, who has 17

European champions, was pressured by opponents to the point. Where he couldn’t raise his head. And in fact Ben Chilwell even described the final 20 minutes of the game as ‘like. ‘Hell on Earth’

They picked up 12 points from their first seven games and their playing attitude showed their full confidence. However, in the next 20 games. Thomas Frank’s team only doubled the number of points with the result. The back-to-back work.

Brentford’s 2-1 win over Aston Villa on January 2 put them 12 points clear of the relegation zone. But now it’s just three.

Brentford’s big problems only happened in the last four days. Starting on October 24, their number one goalkeeper, David Raya. Clash with Ayoze Perez in a serious injury that require him to be out for four months. Before being followed by the injury of Kristoffer Ayer. A new player for a club-record fee who move from Celtic in a cup game against Stoke. Until a full recovery was dragged until It’s January

In Brentford’s next three games against Burnley. Norwich and Newcastle, they have conceded eight goals, as many as they’ve conceded in the previous eight. Because the lack of two main characters affects the team’s defensive game hard

, again, Mathias “Sanka” Jorgensen, who Frank signed for free to help salvage the situation, it makes everything worse. Until Ethan Pinnock had to be rock to play in an unstable position.

Alvaro Fernandez, on loan from Huesca, has not been in close form with Raya. In 12 games, Fernandez conceded 24 goals and kept a clean sheet in one game.

Brentford’s decision in January to offer Frank and assistant coach. Brian Reimer a new contract until the summer of 2025 shows they still remain. Have full trust in the team

Because once when Frank first took up the job in October 2018, he lost eight of his first 10 games in charge. Before the 48-year-old opened up with his then-captain. Romain Sawyers and work together to create unity in the dressing room that turned the situation around as it is today.

Brentford could lose seven of their last 8 league games. But they are still in a good position. Their destiny is in their own hands and they are also schedule to face all under-ranked teams between now and the end of the season. Reported by UFABET
The rest is up to Frank and his team. to be able to get through such a difficult situation or not