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Tomiyasu reveals the reason

Tomiyasu reveals the reason why he moved to Arsenal without hesitation. Japan defender Takeiro Tomiyasu admits he views Arsenal as “one of the greatest clubs in the world”, a key reason for his refusal to join the club last summer. Report from UFABET The Gunners Managed to grab

Solskjaer yelled at the Premier League

Solskjaer yelled at the Premier League for organizing a program for Manchester United without common sense. Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been vocal about the Premier League program this weekend. Which they have to play against Everton for the first time on Saturday night. Although recently played in the UEFA Champions League. On Wednesday,

Park Ji Sung Won, Man U fans

Park Ji Sung Won, Man U fans, better stop singing cheering for yourself. Park Ji Sung has asked Manchester United fans to stop singing about him because of a line that says South Koreans eat dog meat. which seems too stereotypical The former midfielder has always been a fan favorite